This Model Is Also A Middle School Teacher

Sam Worthen, a Brooklyn middle school teacher, considers himself more of a "teacher who happens to model" than the opposite. Yes, Worthen is both a teacher and a model for designers like Alexander McQueen in his free time — a new brand of renaissance man, one could say. Worthen was just another guy out of college (Brown University to be exact, which is always impressive), finding a career when he was discovered on the subway one day. The rest is history, you could say. But don't worry; Worthen is still completely dedicated to his students.

According to an interview with People, Worthen wasn't sure what to make of the whole modeling business at first, but now has a slightly more realistic perspective on the industry. "It's pretty clear to me that models are replaceable. I don't think there is anything special about me in that regard. But you can't replace a classroom teacher," Worthen told People.

Sounds like a pretty cool guy, right? Down to earth. Check. Teacher. Check. Model. Check. All the makings of a REALLY interesting Tinder bio, basically. OK —I 'm mostly kidding here, but one thing is for sure, Worthen is a serious model working serious gigs, whether he's looking at his side career as long-term or not. The teacher-model recently spent the school's winter break walking in New York Fashion Week.

And, in case you haven't heard, Worthen isn't the only teacher who also happens to have a secret modeling career on the side.