'Trainwreck,' 'Tomorrowland,' & 11 More Super Feminist Summer Movies

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Being a pop culture-loving feminist has never been easy. The vast majority of TV and film is male-led and male-oriented, and the rare entertainment made by and for women tends to be pushed aside. Lately, though, there's been a noticeable shift in favor of the ladies, with women like Shonda Rhimes, Amy Schumer, and Emilia Clarke taking over screens big and small, winning fans, critics, and box offices along the way.

And it's all been leading up to this summer, one of the first times in recent memory when many — even the majority — of the most highly-anticipated releases are led by women. Right now, feminist films like The Age of Adaline and Clouds of Sils Maria are leading the way, and in the coming months, over a dozen new movies starring and/or made by women are set to hit theaters. It's a great time to be a film-loving feminist, and it's thanks in large part to these 13 must-see summer movies.

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