Does Scott Ever Visit His Car Dealership? So You Wanna Spot The Lord At Work, Do Ya?

When you found out that, supposedly, Lord Scott Disick is the Lord of a car dealership, your first reaction was probably a skeptical, "Really?!?!" After all, his affairs looked shady as hell. But because your attention span is short, you quickly forgot your suspicions, and a few other questions came to mind: What car dealership does he own? Can I visit Scott Disick at his car dealership? Is he ever even there? These are important concerns, relevant to the self-led Keeping Up With the Kardashians tour that you will organize one day.

On KUWTK, we haven't seen Disick go to a day at the office at Calabasas Luxury Motorcars, the dealership of which he is supposedly President. However, the Internet provides some evidence that Disick has, in fact, been to the dealership in the past. I would sure hope so! In September of 2013, Scott reportedly purchased a Ferrari from the dealership. One would guess that had to go there there to buy it. Also, he supposedly put one of his old cars on consignment at the dealership at one point. Another conceivable reason for Disick to be on site at his own car dealership.

Then again, assistants can always go to the car dealership for you. Let's see if we can find any more evidence that Disick is ever around at CLM. None of the people who reviewed the business on Yelp have mentioned Lord Disick sightings. Same goes for their Facebook page. That doesn't make me feel to optimistic.

However, signs of Disick have shown up on the company's Instagram. Almost two years ago, Disick was tagged in the following Instagram post from the Calabasas Luxury Motors account. We can infer that one of the luxury watch-clad wrists is his, but we can't be 100 percent certain. Although, it seems a bit silly to tag him if he wasn't there.

And hey-dee-ho, look at that! Kourtney Kardashian was spotted on the dealership premises a little under two years ago as well. Can we deduce that she was going to meet Disick, the alleged head bro in charge?

Also, it looks like Tyga — Kardashian family friend, as well as a buddy of Disick's — bought a car last year from them. Perhaps Disick brokered the deal, and got him a friends and family discount?

We can't tell for sure whether or not he's there regularly, but it seems like he makes the occasional appearance. If you're dying to pay your respects to the Lord, I would definitely pop in to try your luck. If he's not there, play dumb and ask for directions. If he is, pretend you're interested in buying a car. That's an order.

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