7 Reasons Kate Is Totally Having A Girl

If you have a royal baby pool, then you might want to take this news into account. According to The Daily Mail, Kate Middleton ordered pink paint samples, which clearly means she is having a girl. Reportedly, Oxford interior design company Annie Sloan recently delivered "three decidedly feminine paint samples" to Anmer Hall, the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge currently live with Prince George.

Apparently, Middleton is having each sample tested in her country home with Prince William. More specifically, the paint is reportedly for the nursery — obviously. If that isn't enough, each paint sample is also said to be named after a girl: Henrietta, Antoinette, and Emile. If true, do you think they'll name their baby after the paint sample selected? Add that possible rumor to the long list of other reports hinting Middleton is most likely having a girl.

Ever since she became pregnant with her second child, the world and fans of the royal family have been wanting to know if she's having a boy or a girl. Well, until Middleton actually gives birth, we won't know. However, that hasn't stopped others from speculating — as is proven by the report of these three pink paint samples. On more than one occasion, it's been reported that Middleton is having a girl, so let's examine the "evidence" and each time it was believed the royal highness will soon have a daughter.

When The Baby's Name & Gender Were Unveiled

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Yep, the cat, or rather the girl, is out of the bag. According to OK! magazine, William and Kate are having a girl, because some "palace insiders" are really bad secret keepers and revealed that the Duke and Duchess are having a girl. Oh, and they are also naming their baby something traditional or meaningful, like Mary, Elizabeth, or Diana.

All Those Times She Wore Pink

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Why else would Middleton wear so much pink? Clearly, she is trying to tell us something with that classy wardrobe of hers, right?

When The British Bookies Said So


If British gaming company Punters of Ladbrokes say 82 percent of all bets they've taken predict Middleton will indeed give birth to a baby girl, then it's obviously true.

That Time Her Body Was Analyzed

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It's believed that you can determine a baby's gender by how a woman is carrying. For Middleton, her "fuller face," "more rounded hips," and that she's "carrying high" all mean she is having a baby girl.

Because Her Sweet Tooth Said So

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Per The Daily Mail, Middleton became convinced she was having a girl, because she was craving sweets! Apparently, there is an old wives' tale saying that when a pregnant woman craves chocolate and biscuits it means she is having a daughter. The real question is: what does it mean when I crave sweets all the time?

The Baby's Wardrobe Gave It Away

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Apparently, Middleton was caught buying pink clothes, which means Prince George will soon have a little sister.

Yep, it's official. She's having a girl. I don't know what other proof I can give you.

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