Carrie Bradshaw Got Caught In Flats

By now most of us are probably mature enough to realize that Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw aren't actually the same person. But it's still fair to say that the character and the actress will be forever connected in one way or another. The number one reason? Their shared affinity for sky-high heels. So when Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out recently in a pair of almost-flats, it made sense that some of us were a little surprised. Parker wore a pair of super sparkly Mary Janes to complete and outfit and looked amazing, even if it is a little surprising for the Manolo-addicted actress.

Not only does the shoe prove that, yes, you can be chic without wearing 4-inch heels every day, but also that sparkle can work in any outfit, no matter how casual — an important lesson to say the least. As someone who is almost 6 feet tall, sometimes I'm just not in the mood for heels, but Parker proves that an itty bitty heel can make just as much of a statement as some fierce stilettos, and I think that's pretty important. And, let's be honest, any excuse (not that we need one) to wear glitter is a good thing.

Some other ideas of how to style these sparkly almost-flats are pairing them with a swingy skirt and denim jacket, or a cotton T-shirt dress. You can clearly pair them with anything, but follow Parker's lead and go for simple, casual pieces with the statement shoes, and your outfit will be perfect balanced.