If you're a fan of Style Rookie and cosmetics, then here's some major collaboration news for you: Tavi Gevinson and Clinique have teamed up on a mystery campaign that's all about celebrating individuality. The young fashion icon and the cosmetics giant are keeping all the details under wraps for now, but the duo teased their collaboration today on social media.

"Fashion blogger at age 11, magazine editor and actress — we’ve always been inspired by individuals who forge their own paths, and Tavi Gevinson is no exception," Clinique said. Gevinson, who uses Clinique lotion as part of her beauty regimen, posted the same image on her Instagram page and jokingly wrote, "Check out my new shadow puppet design, 'Small Forlorn Woman-Child!' JK, it's from a thing I did with Clinique, coming soon."

The beauty brand is definitely branching out to incorporate more digital marketing strategies in the last few months, including the launch of its YouTube series "This Week at Clinique." The debut episode featured Meghan Trainor in her first beauty campaign, talking about how to get red carpet-inspired lips along with her pal, makeup artist Alison Christian. So, what could Tavi x Clinique's secret project be? Whatever it is, we're sure it'll be in line with Clinique's fresh and clean approach to their products, and the Rookie editor's unique, influential style. Here's hoping that some of Gevinson's famous friends also make an appearance in the Clinique campaign.

Image: Clinique/Instagram