Have You Heard Of Joan Walsh Anglund?

On Tuesday, the USPS unveiled a new Maya Angelou "Forever" stamp. But there was one itty bitty issue: the quote on the stamp, attributed to Angelou, was by another writer: Joan Walsh Anglund. (Yeah, oops.) So, who is Joan Walsh Anglund? That's a good question to ask, especially since we now have a great quote of hers from hers immortalized in a "Forever" postage stamp... forever.

Anglund has quite the résumé; according to her website, she's the author and illustrator of more than 120 books, which include children's volumes, poetry, and adult gift books. Take one look Anglund's Amazon page, and you'll see just how much she's done, which includes sales of more than 50 million books in 17 languages. As Anglund is a Catholic herself, many of her books have Christian themes — she's done a ton of Christmas books, too. "All people are children of God who created us," Anglund says on her website. "We need to find out our talents and be able to give our gift back to each other, to God. That's the circle of love."

You may have seen her art, whether in the pages of her books, online, or in magazines: She has a very distinctive style, and people pin her illustrations all over Pinterest (they're pretty freakin' adorable). Both of her parents were artists, too, and Anglund attended the Chicago Art Institute in 1944.

Anglund has lots of sentimental quotes in her work, but line that's raising her profile comes from her 1967 book of poems A Cup of Sun: "A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, he sings because it has a song." Pretty. It was changed slightly on the Maya Angelou "Forever" stamp, where "he" was swapped with "it." Anglund confirmed the quote was hers the night before the stamp was unveiled, saying, "I love [Angelou] and all she’s done, and I also love my own private thinking that also comes to the public because it comes from what I’ve been thinking and how I’ve been feeling."

The 89-year-old author is based in Connecticut, and is still writing.