'New Girl' Season 5 Adds Fred Armisen & He Should Be Like 1 Of These 'Portlandia' Characters

Since star Zooey Deschanel is pregnant, her show New Girl has started filming Season 5 ahead of schedule, which means plenty of fun guest star news for us sooner rather than later. After finding out that John Cho will have a recurring role next season, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Fred Armisen will guest-star on New Girl as an Airbnb renter that Schmidt and Nick find when they rent out the loft. (Since this is probably Coach's room they're renting, let's take a moment to pour one out for Damon Wayans, Jr.) Apparently the guys also rent out Nick's room to a woman (played by Ally Maki) as part of a moneymaking scheme and run into a college frenemy (played by The League's Stephen Rannazzisi) along the way. No word on what Jess and Winston are doing in Season 5, but it seems like Nick and Schmidt will be busy juggling plenty of new characters.

With no description for Armisen's character, I'm going to use some Portlandia inspiration to figure out what type of roommate he would be. He could be a super feminist bookstore owner, a guy who hops on every trend, a crazy bike rider, a Battlestar Galactica fanatic, or any combination of the above. Bonus points if he ends up being a weird adult baby like Armisen's guest role on Broad City.

Artisanal Peter

This version of Armisen would get along well with Schmidt, because he loves anything artisanal. They could have some chut-a-ney together.

Feminist Candace

Seeing a super-feminist bookstore owner (male or female) coming into the loft would make for a great dynamic. Armisen would definitely butt heads with Nick in this scenario.

Hipster Bryce

Can you imagine the decorating that would happen in the loft if this is how Armisen's character acted?

Biker Spike

This would, by far, be the most entertaining. He would scream to Schmidt that everything is "over" and scuff up the apartment with his bike.

Normal Fred

Sometimes a bit of a downer, but he'd probably be the most easy character to be around.

Binge-Watching Doug

Binge-watching all day, every day. Takeout food containers everywhere. Huge mess to come home to.

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