When Is The 'Nurse Jackie' Series Finale? Don't Panic, There's Still Time Before It All Comes To An End

The best part of watching TV week to week, rather than getting the whole new season at once, is that it delays the loss of your favorite show. For example, Justified's dynamite final season was easier to take because it was doled out in small increments rather than one huge chunk. And when Nurse Jackie's seventh and final season premieres on Sunday, April 12, it will be the beginning of the end for the alternately loved and disappointing show. But the show still has the whole final season left, and it's long compared to some other cable seasons. Nurse Jackie Season 7 won't end until June 28, which is 12 weeks away. So there are three months for fans to get accustomed to the idea of Nurse Jackie ending, and 12 episodes for the series' writers to work the storylines out. While the show hasn't gotten much attention outside of Edie Falco's Emmy-winning performance and, thanks to that one wonderful Emmy surprise, Merritt Weaver's, it could wind up being an emotional and satisfying way to say goodbye.

There could be a lot of ground to make up. When the show last left Jackie, she was basically hitting rock bottom, for real, and this season will show her attempts to regain the trust of her coworkers and family now that everyone knows about her addiction. And it will work as a framing device for the whole season, because there are plenty of things that need to be resolved before the (sob) series finale.

The Show Can't Back Down On Its Depiction Of Drug Addiction

Nurse Jackie's depiction of Jackie's constant struggle reflects the difficulties of addiction, and is refreshingly realistic.

Edie Falco's Performance Needs To Be Recognized One Last Time

I know it's a cliche for Emmys to be handed out in the final season of a show, but I'm hoping that Falco gets all of the funny, dark scenes and moments that will give her a great showcase for this year's awards.

Jackie Finds Some Kind Of Love

Jackie's emotional health has been tightly tied to her relationship with substance abuse. Whether she gets back with Frank or simply learns to accept the appreciation of her kids, the more she knows someone loves her, the better the chance that we'll see her get a deserved happy ending.

Please, Make The Ending Ambiguous

I don't think an ending where Jackie winds up with everything she wants with no consequences would be suitable for the show's tone, which has always defaulted to bittersweet.

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