What Is Cody Walker Doing After 'Fast & Furious 7'? Paul Walker's Younger Brother Has Big Plans

There's been a lot of buzz for months now about the fact that Paul Walker's younger brother Cody Walker stood in for him in some Fast & Furious 7 scenes after Paul was tragically killed in Nov. 2013 before completing filming. Through a combination of CGI, unused footage, and stand-in work from Cody and a third Walker brother, Caleb, producers were able to complete the film, which hit theaters this past weekend. But as we've written about before, Cody has made it clear that this won't be his last foray into the entertainment world; instead, it's just the first toe he's dipped in to test the Hollywood waters. And if his recent activities are any indicator, he seems to think the water's just fine, and might be going for a longer-term swim? (Yeah I know, I'm as disappointed in the way that metaphor lost steam as you are.)

But seriously, at just 26, Cody is 15 years younger than Paul, and if it's what he wants, he's pretty well-poised to have a successful career in the industry without necessarily following in his brother's footsteps or being overshadowed by him. And to that end, there are already some murmurs about what he might be doing next, now that Furious 7 is such an obvious success. Here's what we know so far.

He Has A Manager

Shortly after the film opened, reports surfaced that Cody had been working with Paul's manager Matt Luber, and has been taking meetings about potential new film and television projects.

... And A Talent Agency

You know those meetings we were talking about? One of them has apparently already panned out, as it was announced today that Cody has been signed to Paradigm Talent Agency, the agency where Paul got his start.

There Are Rumors He'll Be In Fast 8

Nothing has been confirmed yet — possibly because they haven't even started writing the Fast 8 script yet — but there have been pretty loud whispers that Cody will have a role of his own in the next movie in the series. That character hasn't been introduced yet, but everyone seems to think it's a pretty good bet.

And He Has His Charity

With his career just on the brink of success and his IMDb page still clear of upcoming projects, one place we'll be sure to see Cody is heavily involved with Reach Out Worldwide, the nonprofit that Paul started after seeing firsthand the devastation wrought by the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti.

So while there isn't a ton of information out there about what Cody will do next, he obviously has a great team behind him, and he's doing wonderful things in the meantime, so the dude really can't go wrong.

Image: CodyWalkerRoww/Instagram; giphy (4)