This Virtual Reality Proposal Involves Choreographed Dancing And 'The Little Mermaid' So Basically We're In Love — VIDEO

Marriage proposals keep growing more and more elaborate—at least the ones on the internet. Most of the first-hand accounts my friends have shared of their own engagements are sweet, for sure, but they don't usually involve actual choreography. Instead, they range from an expected vacation question-popping to a fairly anticlimactic agreement to get hitched over dinner. Yet, people of the internet continue posting proof that the contest for "world's best proposal" is still raging on, and the attempts can be more over-the-top and highly orchestrated than any reasonable human can be expected to stomach. Mike Rios took flash mob proposals to a new level with this a virtual-reality-turned-reality approach. If that sounds so meta that it hurts your brains, that's because it is and it should. He surprised his girlfriend with a virtual reality proposal, and it's actually super sweet.

Rios took his girlfriend, Maggie, to the spot where he first "fake proposed" five years prior. Real quick: the idea of a joke proposal? I guess it can be cute in the context of the giddy first spell of dating, when everything is incredibly exciting and your brain is drunk off love chemicals. OK, fine—I'll accept this. Anyway, in the video, Rios and Maggie return to the first proposal place where he now asks her to don a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. Unbeknownst to his lady-friend, he had previously organized a legendary photo shoot with Maggie's family and friends, taught them a dance, and...I mean, there is just so much going on with this proposal. For starters...

1. The song from The Little Mermaid

Yes, Rios! He gets that women are gonna appreciate that nod to their base foundation of romantic idealism. Plus, it's performed by a mariachi band, so.

2. Killer corralling


Here's a guy who knows what he's doing.

3. Primarily, this tropical Santa's shirt choice and overall life approach


...think he's single? Maybe?

You can see the whole thing in motion below. Prepare for goosebumps!

Mike Rios on YouTube

Then Roy Orbison? And hugging? And ass-shaking? These people understand proper celebration technique, no question.

Images: Mike Rios/YouTube (3); Giphy