Daintree Is Making Confetti Out Of The Anti-Gay Propaganda Pamphlets, So Take That, Haters — VIDEO

I was recently introduced to the idea of "upcycling," or repurposing something ugly and turning it into something useful and nice. It turns out upcycling gets a hell of a lot easier when the original thing sucks so much that there is nowhere to go but up, and nobody proves that better than the Irish paper company Daintree: they recently debuted "A Shred Of Decency," which is confetti made out of anti-gay pamphlets. Lemons into lemonade, y'all.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how badass this is while someone plays "Circle of Life" in the background? Because this truly does bring the hate full circle. The paper company says that they were upset to see the anti-gay propaganda getting passed around in Ireland leading up to the marriage equality referendum, especially because it was businesses like their very own that the paper was getting printed on. Now, not only are they repurposing the hate for something meaningful and fun, but every single penny of the proceeds are going straight into Yes Equality. If it seems like Daintree just soaked up all the hate fire from intolerant people and used it to make people happy help fund marriage rights for all, it's because they just did.

"It’s confetti made from 100% recycled lies," declares the site. And the best part? A packet of the confetti costs only about $7 (converted from pounds). I can think of a hundred thousand things to celebrate if it means putting another $7 toward a worthy cause.

Here is some insight into the process that created this winning new product:

Terrible things were printed


"Shred of Decency" was born!


Everyone had a ~party~


You can buy your own confetti here, and watch the full video telling their inspiring story:

Shred of Decency on YouTube

The company is encouraging anyone who buys the confetti to post their celebrations to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShredOfDecency, so Daintree can share it on Instagram. I can think of SO MANY THINGS to celebrate off the top of my head, so no worries on performance pressure, I've got you covered:

1. ALL the birthdays

Don't wait around for your birthday or your BFF's or sister's or dog's birthday. There are new humans being born every MINUTE. So set off your confetti cannon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOMEBODY!

2. Eating a healthy thing

If you eat a fruit or a vegetable, you deserve a PARADE. Set that thing off in the middle of the office. Everyone should be cheering you on.

3. The sun coming up

Just like it did yesterday!! HOORAY!!!!!

4. Seeing someone get engaged on your Facebook dash

You know what, no, just throw the confetti. No point in burning battery on your laptop refreshing the page, because you already know somebody got engaged today.

5. Making a new friend

This is a two-in-one deal: just go up to a random stranger and let your confetti fly. Instant new friend.

6. Literally everything ever that happens forever

That's another $7 to the cause, yo. Everything is a celebration.

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