The Jonas Brothers Want You to "Please Hold" While They Get Their Stuff Together

Are the Jonas Brothers over? That seemed to be the overwhelming conclusion that we all jumped to when their joint Twitter account was deleted last week, but there was never any official confirmation that the boys had dissolved the group — only a statement from a representative saying that the tour was canceled because of a "deep rift" within the band. Perhaps because the brothers aren't actually broken up? Damn. IF you don't care about this, some tweeny-bopper in your life probably does, so here you go: According to two of the three Jonas Brothers, the band hasn't broken up, but they'd like everyone to "please hold while we get our shit together."

No, really, that's literally what Joe Jonas tweeted out, verbatim: "Please hold while we get our shit together." Duly noted, Joe! And what do you have to say, Nick Jonas? "Bear with us."

Not as amusing as Joe's tweet, he could have done better there, but still — simple. The band is having issues, and the JoBros would like us all to wait with bated breath until they put aside their differences and start singing about pom poms again. No, I don't know how we'll all survive either.