Anna Ewers Covers Her First US Magazine Ever

Sultry German model and fashion babe, Anna Ewers will be on the cover of the May issue of Harper’s Baazar . The summery, beach vibe that she exudes is very different from the bright colors and sharp angles from Alexander Wang's EDM shoot, but nonetheless, Ewers is killin’ it on her first US magazine cover ever. We're also getting serious Brigitte Bardot vibes, too, which is to say it's super sexy.

From all her Alexander Wang shoots to her Vogue Germany covers and her Instagram posts, it always seems like Ewers is super confident in her own skin. That’s why I was quite surprised to find out that Ewers considers herself to be more on the reserved side. She told The Cut, “My first interviews, I didn’t know what to say. I was really, really shy. It’s overwhelming sometimes. It’s really new.”

Seriously, who would've guess that based off the confidence emanating from her photos? Especially from her shoots with Levin Scholl, where he captured her in very raw photographs. (You can see the photos of her posing nearly naked while confidently smizing at the blaring flash on Scholl's Instagram.)

Hopefully, Harper's Baazar is just the beginning because I want to see more of Ewers on other US covers soon!