Kim Kardashian's Sweatshirt Budget Must Be Insane

Kim Kardashian’s style would rarely, if ever, be described as “laid back,” but yesterday in Beverly Hills, Kardashian-West was spotted in an oversized gray hoodie, J. Brand skinny jeans, and heels, as she made her way to Anastasia Beverly Hills to get her brows done. If you thought Kardashian’s casual ensemble was designer loungewear—because apparently that’s a thing—you would definitely be correct. Kardashian’s Haider Ackerman sweatshirt cost $1,234.

Only Mrs. West would buy a sweatshirt that costs more than the average person makes in a paycheck. It is definitely a cute sweatshirt, but unless the sweatshirt itself has the ability to protect you from a nuclear attack and also clean and fold itself, I can’t imagine it’s worth the $1,234 price tag. Take a note from Kristen Stewart, who was spotted wearing a truly casual version of the gray hoodie, and don't spend a fortune on this laid back staple.

Only time will tell if Kylie Jenner will soon be seen wearing a similar look, seeing as Kardashian’s youngest sibling has been copying her style as of late. But if Jenner spends another $1,234 on a sweatshirt—a total of $2,468 between the two sisters on sweatshirts—I will lose all of my faith in humanity.

Images: Joy Nethken/Twitter, Kim Kardashian/Instagram