Clark Beckham Makes It To The 'American Idol' Top 7 & Is Well On His Way To The Show Finale

If the American Idol voters are looking for a true talent in their winner, than they can stop looking because Clark Beckham is it. The pop-rocker wowed the judges and the audience tonight with a powerful rendition of Ed Sheeran's "Make It Rain." The judges obsessed over his talent (can JLo make it any more obvious that she wants him to win!?) and named him a shoe-in for the finale. They're definitely right. Beckham has all the right ingredients to help him win Idol and he proved tonight that he'll make it there.

Beckham is much different than the other Idol contestants — he leans a little more towards mainstream than the rest but still stands out. Most of the contestants on this season are too original to make it in the music industry. Beckham's style is pretty standard for today's pop-rock scene — and that's why the audience loves him. He chooses popular songs and sticks to the arrangement — something that so few contestants are doing. Though he keeps the song the way it is, Beckham uses his performance to make it different. The way he commands the stage makes it impossible to look away, and that's why he has the audience chanting his name every time Ryan Seacrest tries to read the results card.

Despite his awesome performance, the judges still had some criticism to dish out to Beckham — but it had nothing to do with his vocals. JLo suggested Beckham up his "swag" to make it to the finale — and this is where I have to disagree. Sure, he could use a fresh wardrobe, but Beckham's style has seemed to work for him up to this point. His looks are exactly what we expect of any Beckham — he's got a great hair cut, an amazing smile, and the perfect look to be plastered on an album cover. Beckham is the total package just the way he is — and that's why he'll make it to the finale.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX