'Catfish' Throwback Couple Stephanie & David Brings A Classic Case Of Online Lies

Oh, Catfish Season 1. It was a beautiful time, wasn't it? Back when the concept of the show was fresh and brand new, and unassuming cyber bullies had no idea who Nev and Max were, and nobody was catfishing anyone for the sole purpose of getting on the show. All of us were young then, including Max and Nev, who have become jaded after the past four seasons of catfishes hurting genuinely good people for fun. In case you were missing that era of the show, you're in luck. MTV officially brought back Catfish Season 1 with Stephanie and David, and this unaired (til now!) episode couldn't possibly be a better representation of what that first season was all about.

Why? First of all, it was a classic story from the beginning: Stephanie was in love with her online friend named David, after being let down by men her entire life, including her father. She had her doubts about whether or not David was actually who he said he was, and wanted to find out for once and for all. You know what comes next: The investigation. And what happened was basically what always happens — They met up with David at his house, and surprise! Different guy, different name. You know, the works.

What was truly sweet about this story, though, was the fact that David — who is actually Dawaun — so genuinely liked Stephanie and it was easy to see he regretted letting what began as a way to check up on an ex (don't act like we don't all do it!) hurt someone he really cared about.

And the happy endings where both parties come to an understanding and part amicably? Yep, that particular aspect that was so typical of Season 1 episodes is here too, and after realizing that Dawaun's issues stemmed from not being able to trust hisdad, she was able to forgive him and thank him for being a good friend to her. The bad news is that their friendship basically ended there, but still, it's something, right?! Especially after the crafty brand of tricksters we've been getting in Season 4, so I'd call this one a win.

I miss you, early Catfish. When everything was new and exciting and I didn't automatically assume that everybody's online partner was lying to them. RIP, days of innocence. RIP.

Images: MTV, Giphy