This Dog Adorably Uses An "Indoor" Voice While Barking, Proving Once Again Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats — VIDEO

As a person who is definitively #TeamDog (sorry not sorry, cats), I will agree that perhaps the only drawback to having a dog is that there is nothing subtle about them. They hump your neighbors, they leave literal trails of drool on the floor, and they bark like crazy if any visibly moving object gets within 500 feet of their perch on the window. Still, they love us like crazy, which is probably why this dog learned to use an "indoor" bark exists in the first place. It goes against the natural order of everything dogs believe in, but that's just how much they love us.

The dog in question is a Shiba Inu named Mame who hails from Japan, which only makes this more impressive because Shibas are notoriously a hard dog breed to train. But his owner must have some tremendous patience, because not only did she manage to train Mame to lower the volume on his bark, but she got him to recognize different levels of reduced volume based on her commands. Basically this dog is better-trained than every toddler I've ever met, and I need this woman to come to my house and train any and all future children I may have. I strongly suspect she and this dog are both wizards.

Here is Mame, barking his normal dog self bark:


And here is his lil face after his owner tells him to quiet down:


And here is Mame's ~whisper face~


You can see the whole adorable video that shows you just how drastically Mame manages to pipe down his mighty bark here:

guettavogel on YouTube

But as it turns out, Mame is not the only wizard-dog on the internet. Dogs can be trained to do all sorts of adorable things, to the point where there is an embarrassingly large percentage of dogs are are arguably more talented than I am (my bark is weak sauce, for one). Here are some other dogs who have been trained to do awesome things:

1. Nana the Border Collie


LOOK AT THIS DOG. CAN YOU DO THAT?! (Keg stands don't count.)

NanaBorderCollie on YouTube

2. Britney the dare devil German Shepherd


Taking it to the next level of dog badassery.

Klára Nováková on YouTube

3. Jess the Jack Russell Terrior


If Tony Hawke had paws, basically.

JustJesse197 on YouTube

4. Misa Minnie the Yorkie


This work of art needs its own museum, stat.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (7)