5 Things Chris Brown's Rainbow Hair Looks Like

Another day, another crazy celebrity hair transformation. This time, Chris brown debuted rainbow-colored hair, officially earning him the title of weirdest and wackiest hair makeover thus far. It's becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with all of the constant hair color changes from celebs — just this week we have seen Julianne Hough, Amber Rose, and Amy Poehler ditch their signature hues. But Chris Brown is a specifically unique case. His hair has been so many different colors, it's likely going to fall out soon (let's hope not). But rainbow? That's definitely a new one.

C. Breezy is clearly no wild hair dye rookie. Over the years we have seen him rock purple, platinum, green, blue, and red hair. It's like he is trying to be Dennis Rodman, or maybe Sisqo (of "Thong Song" fame). His fickle nature when it comes to hair grooming makes him especially difficult to keep up with. Seriously didn't he just have purple hair at IHeartRadio Music Awards? Nevertheless, this particular color mixture is unlike anything we have seen from him before. As for what brought on the drastic dye job, it’s anyone’s guess. Perhaps he was just feeling artsy?

Check out the new 'do. The pictures are pretty shocking.

See the resemblance here?

AFP PHOTO/AFP/Getty Images

Aside from being identical to this former Bulls player, here are 5 other random things that look exactly like Chris Brown's new hair.

1. Rainbow

This one is self explanatory.

2. Snow Cone

It looks like he drew inspiration from the colorful frozen treat, because this couldn't be more SPOT ON.

3. Rainbow Cookies

I know! In celebration of Passover, Chris is keeping it Kosher with rainbow-cookie hair.

4. Spiral Lollipop

You think he brought one of these to his stylist and said "make me look like this"?

5. Fruit Loops

It's totally in style to match your hair to your favorite cereal, haven't you heard?

Here's to hoping he'll keep this look around for a while, because I can't handle another transformation.

Images: Getty (1); Garoth, fotomaximum, BrentHofacker, leschnyhan/Fotolia