Justin Bieber Joins Ariana Grande Onstage & His Too Close For Comfort Dancing Is A Move In The Wrong Direction — VIDEO

Looks like Biebs is at it again... again. On Wednesday night, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at Ariana Grande's show at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., to perform a couple of songs with her for the screaming fans and also, apparently, to get a little handsy. Baby, baby, baby NO!

E! Online called Bieber's dance moves "flirty," but I'd honestly say they are just embarrassing, like a freshman boy trying to bump and grind at his high school's homecoming dance. But... that's just my two cents. Seriously, though, this is going to do absolutely nothing for the new image that Bieber is trying to cultivate after his public apology at his Comedy Central roast.

The dance didn't even go particularly well for Bieber. I mean, Grande was adorable and danced along for a little bit, but then scooted away as politely as she could. TMZ originally reported that Big Sean, Grande's boyfriend, was not happy with what went down onstage — including a very suspicious little pinch on Grande's chin from Bieber — noting that Big Sean tweeted, "This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that." But the tweet was quickly discredited by one of Big Sean's reps. Even if it's fake... it's still hilarious.

Just Jared on YouTube

Look, on the Justin Bieber scale of bad behavior, trying to get his freak on onstage with a performer he's known for a long time isn't too bad. But still, I don't know that there's anyone out there who thinks Bieber is innocent anymore. The dude abandoned a monkey in Germany, so I would say that his level of reckless behavior is high. But even if this was a relatively tame incident, it's still a strike against Biebs, not just because it skeeves me out, but also because it kind of undermines that whole "I'll be better" promise. Like I said, it's tame, but it's worrisome — this seems like typical immature Bieber behavior, and that doesn't bode well. He HAD to know that people would be tsk-ing him for dancing up on Ariana Grande, and yet he stirred the pot, anyway.


I think Hannibal Burress summed it up perfectly when he told in a joke that was later cut from Bieber's roast,

Actually, you should thank me for participating in this extremely transparent attempt to be more likable in the public eye. And I hope it doesn’t work.

Is it too harsh? Are we all being too hard on Bieber? Does it matter if his attempts to be more likable in the public eye are transparent? It wouldn't, really, if he seemed to be trying at all, instead of continuing on being the human equivalent of a face-palm. You can do it, Bieber. I think. I don't know. Maybe we'd find out if you tried!

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