This Man's Face Hilariously Sums Up How Everyone Feels About Selfies, But Here Are 11 Selfies That He Might Like Better — PHOTO


It used to be that taking selfies was a little bit like picking a wedgie in public: it's not super necessary, but if you do it really fast you'll feel better, and hopefully nobody will notice. But even the people who are hardcore against the concept of "selfies" usually find themselves drawn into the madness. That seems to be the case particularly for this man on an airplane who got stuck in a family's selfie, because he is all kinds of not into it. He is basically throwing enough shade with the look he is giving the camera to start the next Ice Age.

I mean, I get that some people firmly believe selfies are super annoying and all that jazz, but think of it this way: It's the cheapest, most effective way to preserve a memory without accosting a stranger to take the picture for you. (That, and sometimes you just look damn fine and you need to preserve it for all time so your grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren can be all, "Damn, that extremely dead ancestor of mine was a hot piece.") My point being, the family could just as easily all stood up on the plane, shoved the camera phone at him and asked him to take the picture himself. Instead, they took care of their own business, and ended up with this hilarious result:

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the mad eyebrow game of these ladies, because I am in awe. Between their eyebrows and this stranger's sass, I am at a total loss for any way to improve on this photo. It is a work of modern art.

Look, this man might not be "feeling his look" today, that doesn't mean good can't come out of selfies. Even as a person who takes approximately one selfie per year (usually by accident, featuring many chins), I can appreciate when the fine art is mastered, as evidenced by this selfie taking pros:

1. This group selfie of legends

2. This hilariously embarrassed family whose patriarch attempted to use a selfie stick

3. Only bested by THIS family, who all copied their poor little brother's selfie

4. This girl who took a selfie with the surgeons about to operate on her

5. This guy who took a selfie with a llama

6. This woman who diffuses squabbles with her husband by interrupting them with a selfie

7. This woman who took a stunning selfie on "Christ the Redeemer" in Brazil

8. This guy whose selfie game crushes everyone's

9. This guy wielding the original "selfie stick"

10. This adorable goat selfie

11. These baristas taking a selfie with Obama, who stopped in for a cuppa joe (CASUAL)

See, guys? Selfies can make the world a better place.

Image: Imgur