Meet Lilly Pultizer For Target's New Face

While everyone is fixated on the drool-worthy patterns and bright, summery bikinis of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection (t-minus ten more days until the release, people!), one of the models from the collection deserves a second glance... and a third, and a fourth. Meet Denis Bidot, the face of the Lilly Pultizer for Target collaboration and a size 14 model with some pretty killer curves — and a personality to match.

You might remember Bidot from this past New York Fashion Week, where she opened and closed shows for Chromat and Serena Williams, breaking barriers for both plus-size models and herself. "I never even thought that was a possibility. Nobody had done it. Curvy girls aren't really included in the lineup in Fashion Week," Bidot told the NY Daily News. "I opened up a Chromat show for a straight size brand that does everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna to Katy Perry... and the fact that [designer Becca McCharen] believed in me enough to let me open up her show was huge."

Despite her crazy amount of success and bombshell looks, Bidot is still met with the occasional closed door and brutal weight critics (the world sometimes seriously sucks, remember?).

But her outlook is just as bright as those Lilly shift dresses she's been rocking as of late. "I'm a mother, I'm curvy and this is my frame," she says. "I don't feel the need to apologize for that." In a short and sweet video, Bidot opens up about what she considers beautiful. Check out some the feel-good quotes below.

"To me beauty is happiness," smiles Bidot. "There's nothing that makes a person more beautiful than being happy"

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What makes Denise feel beautiful? "My daughter," she shares.

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Yeah, and she knows this industry still kind of sucks. "People are just now starting to understand that beauty is not based on your thighs or ethnicity," the half-Puerto Rican, half-Kuwaiti model explains.

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And some beautiful words? "Love... and confidence." Cheesy, but true.

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