Recap Season 3 Of 'Veep' & Get Ready For President Selina Meyer & The Election In Season 4

I like a wide variety of comedies, but laugh for laugh I think Veep is easily the funniest show on television right now. How psyched are you for more Selina Meyers in Season 4? Let's celebrate with a quick recap Veep Season 3 before Sunday's premiere — just so you're not, like, wondering why Selina is suddenly the president. When Veep returns, Selina and her team will be balancing a presidential campaign and the actual presidency. Such a stressful time will only be made hilarious by the HBO series; it's the only show that can turn something as serious as a governmental shutdown into a furlough farce. Not to mention, comedy legend Hugh Laurie will guest star.

There are so many shenanigans to look forward to in Season 4. Whose side will Jonah be on? What kind of trouble will Catherine, now the First Daughter, be getting into this time around? Will Amy and Dan ever get back together? (Follow-up: Am I the only one still shipping them?) Will Danny Chung defeat the sitting president in the primary despite rumors that he has been involved in torture?

The only real guarantee is a lot of screw-ups and a lot of well-crafted insults. But, if you can't remember how they got to the White House in the first place, here's a quick refresher on that twisted journey:

Selina Wrote A Book

The season opened with the VP promoting her book Some New Beginnings. This is important because it introduced us to Richard, played by Sam Richardson, who will join Veep Season 4 as a series regular.

Selina Ran For President

Early in the season, Selina Meyer announced her candidacy for President. We followed her and her team on the campaign trail and to the presidential debate. Catherine saved her life from a protester and became an accidental pro-gun hero.

The Gang Fought For Campaign Manager

Much of the season dealt with which incompetent staff member was going to be Selina's campaign manager. Unfortunately, the stress took a toll on Dan and he had a panic attack that knocked him out of commission. Now that the group is in the White House, how will he handle his dreams coming true?

Selina Got A "Work Out"

One of the most memorable plot lines from last season was Selena Meyer's personal trainer/lover Ray, played by Chris Meloni. We later learned that he had been hired by Dan. Not only was that a scandal, but Ray's role in Selina's decision-making process also came under fire.

The Gang Went To London

Not only did this provide some cultural chuckles but it also solidified Jonah's new role as the villain of Veep. After receiving some damaging information, he staged a viral attack on the Meyer campaign. Dan managed to pull him back in with a job in the West Wing, but who knows how long that will last.

Selina Became President

In a series of events that mirrored House of Cards (albeit much, much funnier), the leader of the free world stepped down Selina became the POTUS while she was still campaigning. She made Gary's nose bleed also got a hair cut which, as a female politician, became more important than her actual positions. However, the season ended with her coming in third in the polls. That doesn't fare well for Selina's political future. They've got a lot of work to accomplish when Veep returns.

Image: Patrick Harbron/HBO