Where Can You Buy LC's Minnie Mouse Collab?

Say what you want about this girl's past on reality TV. Lauren Conrad is a great designer, author, blogger and overall businesswoman. After her recent success with a Disney collaboration inspired by Cinderella, the designer has announced her next project: Lauren Conrad has collaborated with Disney again! This time the collection will be inspired by none other than one of LC's fashion icons, Minnie Mouse. But where can you buy the Lauren Conrad x Minnie Mouse collection? Kohl's, of course!

This upcoming collection will not only pay homage to Minnie Mouse, but it will be ultra-feminine featuring polka dots and bows. We'd expect nothing less from two quintessential girly girls: LC and Minnie. Minnie's signature red and white hues will also be present in the collection.

For those of you who love Minnie, but don't want to look like you're dressing up as her for Halloween, fear not: Conrad was able to incorporate the feeling of the House of Mouse in more subtle ways, including soft details, blue hues, and even black.

Conrad featured a sneak peak of the collection on Instagram, wearing a red dress that looks like polka dots, but when you look closer, it's actually very, very tiny images of Minnie Mouse. Adorbs. The collection will include dresses, tees, and blouses ranging from $36-$68. Cute and affordable? We're sold!

Only 30 more days until the debut of the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Minnie Mouse Collection hits stores (and will be available online) on May 10.

Images: Getty Images