Will A Margaery & Tommen Wedding Happen In 'Game of Thrones' Season 5? She Believes Her Third Marriage Will Be The Charm

Game of Thrones has had the Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding, but what color should represent the potential upcoming nuptials of the baby-king Tommen and his brother's ex-wife Margaery? Because — prepare yourselves — it looks like there will be a marriage between Tommen and Margaery on Game of Thrones in Season 5. I have such mixed feelings of excitement for the show's return on Sunday, April 12 and weirdness at the prospect of this wedding. But, whatever, I guess of all the controversial plot points that Game of Thrones has covered over the years, this one is nowhere near the worst.

Margaery Tyrell is one of the most incredible female characters on television (and actress Natalie Dormer who portrays her seems pretty cool herself). It took me awhile to warm up to the lady who rocks the most cleavage, but homegirl is up there as one of the most talented manipulators of King's Landing. Could you have kept your shit together while being engaged to the insane King Joffrey? (And not just keep it together, do it with a sweet smile on your face?) Margaery has got serious skills.

So it's no surprise that when Margaery and her grandmother Lady Olenna are set on making a Tyrell queen, there is no stopping them. And for you non-book readers out there, HBO spoiled the fact that the approximately 15-year-old Tommen and 23-year-old Margaery are getting married by showing the pair's wedding in the below trailer for Season 5.

It was a baby bit of a flash, but Tommen and Margaery are definitely getting their marriage on. (The gap between ages 15 and 23 doesn't sound so bad, but knowing that Dormer is 33 years old makes it all a bit more awkward.)

After the Season 4 finale had a serious Lannister-on-Lannister murder, I didn't know if the powerful families of Westeros would go through with Margaery Tryell marrying a second Baratheon boy (who are both Lannisters on their mother's side and, well, full Lannisters if anyone knew the truth). Granddaddy Tywin Lannister met his end via a crossbow-wielding Tyrion while relieving himself postcoital (gotta love Game of Thrones). Now as awful as Tywin was to Tyrion, he knew how to rule a kingdom. And he also rightly saw potential in Tommen that he had never seen in the evil Joffrey. (Does manic incest brain skip a child?)

Since Cersei hates the woman who keeps trying to marry her children, there was a chance that without Tywin's intervention, she'd try to end the Tyrell family attempts to have Margaery become queen . . . again.

But that's evidently not the case based on the trailer for the new season, so get ready for the happy family of Margaery, Tommen, and Ser Pounce. And hey, besides the whole age thing, this marriage could be really good for both of them. There's debate whether Margaery is a virgin since she hasn't consummated any of her marriages. (Lest you forget that she was married to Renly first — who preferred to have sex with her brother Loras over her. And who was also the uncle of Joffrey and Tommen — not by actual blood because, incest children, but still, eeee.)

Although I have a hard time believing that the overtly sexual Margaery is a virgin (maybe I'm just remembering the onscreen sex Dormer had as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors), I know she'll handle whatever goes down sexually with Tommen after their marriage with as much class — and subtle manipulation — as humanly possible.

So best wishes to the (very) young couple. And for the sake of Tommen, I pray their marriage lasts longer than Margaery's marriage to his brother Joffrey.

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