How Will 'Daredevil' Connect With Marvel Movies & TV? Elden Henson Hopes He Gets To Hang With Some 'Guardians'

For Marvel's next trick, they're bringing us a show that we can binge in one sitting (or, at least we can try to binge it all in one sitting). In a beautiful partnership with Netflix, Marvel's latest television show, Daredevil , arrives all in one quick swoop, with 13-episodes neatly dropped into our lap at once. Daredevil tells the story of blind-lawyer-by-day/blind-vigilante-by-night, Matt Murdock, and the corner of New York City he's trying hard to protect. Considering this is Marvel's newest show, and we know Marvel loves to tie everything together, I have to wonder how Daredevil will connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The pieces are there for us to figure out that Daredevil takes place in the same Avengers world, but that's not enough for Elden Henson, who plays Foggy Nelson. I spoke to the actor about his new show and he says wants to start showing up in everything Marvel touches, ASAP.

You might know Henson best from playing Fulton Reed in The Mighty Ducks (1, 2, and 3), Laney's best friend in She's All That, and most recently, as Pollux in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. (Dude's doing pretty well, if you ask me.) Now you can check out Henson as Foggy, Matt Murdock's best friend and law partner in Daredevil.

Just like Daredevil, Foggy's now a part of this greater MCU, too. Knowing all the movie-to-movie and movie-to-TV crossovers that have already happened, what's to stop Foggy from doing the same? A Daredevil/Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D crossover doesn't have to even include Matt if he's too busy saving Hell's Kitchen. Foggy's fine to leave his BFF behind for a bit, and go at it solo.

"I'm pitching ideas," Henson says, "I want Foggy to show up in every Marvel property out there. That's my goal. I want Foggy to show up in every single Marvel comic."

It's a lofty goal, but certainly doable considering just how many movies and TV shows Marvel has turned out — and then still how many more are left to come. Any chance that Henson has a cross-over already picked out for Foggy? "Guardians of the Galaxy. I really want to work with Chris Pratt," he says. (Hey, Marvel, that's a brilliant idea. Think you can work on that for us?) Thought Henson never read the comics growing up, and had no idea what he was auditioning for when he first read for the part, he says he's grown attached to the world and the character.

"Daredevil or not, superhero show or not, [the show is] so well written, and the characters have such depth that I thought, 'whatever this is, I would do this.' It's not just a comic book show," he explains. "Daredevil has some really good storytelling, outside of the fact that it's Daredevil. It's a story worth telling." And for us, that makes it a show worth marathoning.

As for what Henson hopes for from viewers, he says, "I just want the fans to accept me as Foggy, because I love playing the character."

Something tells me that we'll welcome him with open arms into our Marvel universe. Now all we've got to do is figure out a way to get Foggy onto Peter Quill's Milano. If there's anyone who can figure that out, it's Marvel.

Image: Barry Wetcher/Netflix; amerikate/tumblr