Ryan Gosling To Star In Disney Movie From Guillermo del Toro, So He's Another Step Closer To True Disney Prince Status

It could just be me, but my eyes tend to light up whenever the prospect of Ryan Gosling in combination with Disney comes up. Admittedly, those two things don't usually have much to do with one another — until now. According to The Wrap, negotiations are happening to get Ryan Gosling to star in Guillermo del Toro's Disney movie, Haunted Mansion, and, sure, that's not the romantic fairy tale story that I was expecting, but I will take what I can get. When I cast the man who stars in the Feminist Ryan Gosling memes in a Disney movie, it is usually as the perfect, heart-melting Disney prince opposite a princess into whose shoes I can step until I feel like the one who is dancing with Gosling. I don't think there will be much dancing in a movie called Haunted Mansion.

Then again, when you look at Gosling's Disney track record, I suppose it makes sense. Aside from his days as a Mouseketeer hanging out with Justin Timberlake, Gosling's only venture back into Disney's arms was the 2000 sports movie Remember the Titans. For some reason, the man just doesn't seem all that interested in becoming the next live action Disney prince. And that is a severe waste, because Gosling has all the makings of a real life Disney prince already.

Let's take a look at the evidence.

1. Look At Him


Can I just drop the mic here? I feel like this entire statement just proves my point. I mean, really. When you think of a live action Disney prince, is there anyone for whom Gosling does not immediately come to mind?

2. Everyone Wanted Him As The Beast


When Emma Watson was cast as Belle in Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast, it didn't take long for rumors to fly that Ryan Gosling was being considered for the Beast — and everyone was absolutely delighted by the idea. Not so much that he'd be playing the Beast part, but can you imagine the moment the Beast turned back into Ryan Gosling? Be still my heart.

3. He Already Has His Own Meme

If you include the Good Father Meme created by Bustle, he technically has two memes. He's never played a Disney prince before and yet he already has a viral reputation as a Feminist and a Good Father? Missed opportunities are abounding here.

4. He's Considerate & Private


If there is anyone out there who doubts that Gosling is a very private person, then please note that he still has not confirmed or denied the existence of his daughter. Even his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, confirmed that they had had a daughter on a talk show long before Gosling ever spoke a word to interviewers about his family. Talk about considering it none of our business.

5. He Looks Good In A Suit


Then again, Gosling looks good in everything. Let's not forget that he is the leading model of airport style and, seriously, who looks good in the sweats and hoodies that you wear to an airport? Ryan Gosling, that's who. The only reason a flock of birds don't braid his hair in the morning is that his hair isn't long enough to braid.

6. He's Obsessed With Disneyland


Not only has he confessed that he is in a relationship with Disneyland, but he also skipped the Oscars to go to Disneyland. Who does he think he is? Jennifer Lawrence?

Of course, all of this is a moot point since Haunted Mansion will not be casting Gosling as a Disney prince. I'm just saying, this could be the first step down the path to having a Prince Gosling in one of the numerous live action adaptations that Disney has announced or that Disney has planned. I think it's long overdue, don't you?

Image: Getty Images (5); Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle