Chrissy Teigen Does Shorter Hair Right

Chrissy Teigen does a lot of things right, like styling her long, flowing, and beachy waves, which look like a lot of time, effort, and product went into making it them look like they took no time at all. They seem effortless, but really aren't. Another thing the model and Mrs. John Legend does well? Chrissy Teigen is owning her lob. Tres chic!

Teigen's version of the most popular celeb cut of the past year is glossy, full of layers, and expertly mixed with highlights of the golden sort that never look ombre, which is coming up on passé at this point.

The best thing about the lob in general, besides the fact that it's almost universally flattering, is that it lets women know that mega long hair isn't the sole way to be sexy with their coifs. Shorter 'dos can bring the sultry with equal intensity and that doesn't necessarily mean going with a pixie, either.

Teigen's cut is the epitome of mid-length hawt.

While I am used to seeing her with a long tangle of tendrils, this is refreshing without being too ladies-who-lunch or too grown up. Teigen seems like the bubbly and fun girl everyone wants to hang with, thanks to her IG feed, and this style does not detract from that quality or element of her persona one bit.

Such a lovely look for her. But she could rock any length and make it sexy.


Here's another look at Teigen being all shoulder-skimming. It's not jarring, since her hair has so much fullness and texture, thanks to the color and the shape.

But here are five reasons she needs to keep this length and not immediately go running to the stylist for a head full of extensions faster than Kim Kardashian went back to brown after her brief yet eventful stay at Hotel Platinum Blonde.

1. It's Not Exactly Short Hair


Even if I am used to seeing The Teig with bombshell waves of immense length, like this, her lob is not exactly short hair. Yes, it's shorter for her, but it's hardly a "Short Hair, Don't Care" statement. It's mid!

2. Time Is Money


This coif is gorgeous but time and effort went into it, as stated prior. It'll soon be summer. She can leave the products on the shelves and streamline her routine with the shorter cut.

3. Let Go, Let Lob

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her ponytails are mega glam, too. So it must be somewhat refreshing for her to "let go and let lob" for the time being. Wash 'n' go, girl!

4. She Looks Amazing!

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This long, wavy, and piece-y do is crazy sexy, but Teigen looks every bit as smoldering with her shoulder-grazing lob. It looks good on her so she needs to keep it.

5. Change Is Good!

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's been long for, well, so long. A pitstop at shorter is a welcome change.

I totally implore Chrissy Teigen to keep her lob for the warmer weather months. It looks great, upkeep is easier, and I can't wait to see her rock it in different styles and with a variety of outfits on IG.

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram (1); Getty (6)