Two Girls Lose Their Minds On The Slingshot Ride, And They Are Our New #FriendshipGoals — VIDEO

Remember when you were a little kid and you were so, so excited about amusement park rides? I'm pretty sure I would have sold my own sister's arm to reach the height limits on roller coasters a year faster. Of course, when we finally all got there we were scared brainless, with the kind of terror forever immortalized by these two girls freaking out on the Slingshot ride at Indy Speedway. I've never heard that much screaming in my life, and this is coming from someone who was once roped into chaperoning a bunch of tweens at a Jonas Brothers concert in 2008.

A bit about the Slingshot ride: it looks pretty scary, and the people operating it are most likely sadists. There's a whole page of equally ridiculous videos of passengers riding it to prove my point. It propels its riders to a speed of 100MPH to over 300 feet in the air in a matter of seconds, so yeah, the freaking out is justified on anyone's part. And although this ride has garnered a lot of hilarious reactions from people enduring it, none are quite as remarkable as Carmarie and Kanya, the victims featured in this particular video.

Sincerely, these two are my #FriendshipGoals. They seemed very sure in multiple points at the beginning, middle, and end of this journey that they were going to die, and dramatically declared their love for both each other and their families as the thing flung their organs into mush. They also really seemed to have each other's backs in that they took turns freaking out.

Here are just a few beautiful moments of their journey together...

The beginning of the end

So innocent. So unsuspecting.

The moment of take-off


The "what have I done, sweet Jesus what have I done" face

(Sorry not sorry for quoting Les Mis.)

Wait, but seriously, look at these faces:

I don't know who you are, person reading this, but I sure do hope that you never have a reason to make this face as long as you live.

The first freak out

The girl on the right took her turn first, but it was short-lived.

The second freak out

... At which point the girl on the right was Out For The Count while the girl on the left went nuts.

The #ByeFelicia

The girl on the left was decidedly on her own.

You can see the full scope of their harrowing adventure here:

Images: slingshotpcb/Facebook (8)