Woman Finds Out Her Baby Is A Girl, Freaks Out

Everything that happened in Harry Potter was 100% accurate and based on real-life events except for this one thing: The Weasleys were not redheads. We just found real Weasleys, and they're actually blonde Muggles. Hard to believe? I thought so too, at first, but then I saw this woman freaking out at her gender reveal cake when she learned she was having a girl after expelling six entire boys in a row out of her uterus, and honestly there isn't any other explanation except Weasleys. (OK, so they're actually the Lair family, but I will be sorely disappointed in all of them if this girl isn't named "Ginny".)

Honestly, I have seen a lot of gender reveal cakes in my own life. Not very many of my friends are growing their own critters yet, but I used to work full-time at a bakery where approximately half of my job was hiding food dye from pregnant women so they could throw parties just like this one. I've never actually gotten to see the moment where they cut the cake, though, so this right here in a peek behind the veil.

Of course, I'm sure the family would have been happy no matter what the gender of this baby was, and I'm sure will be happy no matter how she identifies as a grown-up human. Still, it always inspires my #CakeGoals to see people get this excited about a baked good. Here were all the most dramatic moments of this gender reveal:

Nervous hesitation

You can just see her trying not to get her hopes up. How many blueberry cakes can a woman eat before she wants some strawberry? (That's what we're all excited about here, right?)

The fateful slice

It might seem like a lot of pressure to pin all your hopes and dreams into one slice of cake, but if any dessert can take it, it's this one.


STRAWBERRY FLAVORED INSIDES!!...and also the baby is a girl! Welcome to the universe, future Ginny Weasley. From the looks of this brood you're probably gonna have a TON of worn-in plaid hand-me-down shirts, and I'm already jealous of you for that before you are born.

Even as an ex-gender cake-maker, I'm a little conflicted on the whole shenanigans here. One one hand, it's like, you're (hopefully) going to love this kid no matter their gender, so what's the point? But on the other hand: cake. I just have so many feelings about cake, and those feelings compel me to use any and all excuses to eat more of it.

That, and I do really like cake design—you don't spend six months watching master cake makers do their thing without getting mad jealous at their cake skills. Here are some charming ones that we should all just make regardless of whether or not we are pregnant. FLAVOR REVEAL DAY. It should be every day.

Images: YouTube (3)