Did Charles Kill CeCe Drake & Put Her The Barrel On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He Might Have A Reason To Want Her Dead

Forget a single initial — we know have a name for Season 6's Big Bad: Charles is the name of Big A. And on Pretty Little Liars, he's got a vendetta against Ali, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria that could be deadly. When we last left the girls, they were trapped inside of Charles' crazy-scary dollhouse, the place where Mona was hidden away all this time. Everyone assumed that Mona was dead at the hands of Charles, but it looks like her murder was just another long con pulled by the elusive A. And boy, did he pull it off — not only did he turn Mona's home into a bloodbath, but Charles also put a body in a barrel and disintegrated it in acid. It's great news that Mona has been, uh, "stored," but that means that someone else's body was turned to sludge. My money is currently on the theory that Charles killed CeCe Drake and put her the barrel.

It breaks my heart to think that CeCe might already be dead, but if someone really was murdered by A, she might make a whole lot of sense. CeCe has always been a mysterious figure on the show, and we can never trust the information she gives us or who she's truly loyal to. So why might that have gotten her killed? Here are some reasons why CeCe could be long gone.

She's A Good Friend Of Ali's

Notice how A seems to go after anyone with a connection to Ali? Certainly the person who taught Ali how to lie and deceive people would be on A's target list. If CeCe's loyalties are with Ali as Ali believes they are, then Charles/A would certainly want to hurt CeCe too.

CeCe Was There The Night Ali Disappeared

According to Jason, Melissa and CeCe talked just before Ali was hit on the head with the rock, which places CeCe at the scene of the crime for Bethany's murder. We still don't know who hit Bethany on the head, or why they did it, but there's no reason to believe that CeCe isn't a viable suspect for her death. If Charles saw CeCe do something to Bethany, he could have killed CeCe out of revenge, especially if Charles and Bethany were friends from Radley as many fans suspect.

No One Would Notice That She's Gone

CeCe left town after murdering Detective Wilden, even using a fake passport given to her by Ali in order to pull it off. That may have kept CeCe safe from the cops, but it certainly wouldn't protect her from A. If A found CeCe and killed her, no one would know to even start looking for her — she already disappeared. If A needed a body to put in the barrel, why not go for the person no one would miss?

She Could Have Played Both Sides

We don't 100 percent know if we can trust CeCe, and though she seems loyal to Ali, that might not really be the case. We know that CeCe was mad at Ali for an incident at UPenn, for which CeCe was expelled... Could CeCe have been on Charles' side all along? If that's the case, then perhaps Charles offed her when he realized she was of no use to him anymore.

All we know for sure is that someone met their maker on PLL, but only time will tell if this blonde is really in that barrel.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; fitzandmontgomery/Tumblr (4)