Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning For President, So What Does She Have In Common With 'VEEP's President Selina Meyer?

It is official! It's happening! ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! Hillary Clinton has thrown her hat into ring again! On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced she will be running for President in 2016. Was this announcement a surprise? Not really. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an exciting moment. Oh, it was a VERY exciting moment. LET’S DO THIS, HILLARY!

Also? I freakin’ love that this announcement happened on the day HBO comedy VEEP made its return. Though new POTUS Selina Meyer is not supposed to be Clinton by any stretch of the imagination (as show creator Armando Iannucci told The Hollywood Reporter, "[Selina] is her own thing"), bringing back the fictional female Chief of Staff the day the former Secretary of State made her bid feels like a good omen. A Sunday full of Girl Power.

Though Selina is not supposed to be the TV version of the Hills (just because both happen to be powerful female politicians doesn't automatically make them twinsies), that doesn't mean the two don't have anything in common. As a matter of fact, they have some very specific things in common. Some of the things are intentional, some are coincidental. All are worth a look-see:

The Hairstyle

When Selina lopped off her locks at the end of Season 3, it was A Thing. At a recent panel held at New York City's Paley Center for Media, VEEP star Julia Louis-Dreyfus addressed the change in Selina's hairstyle (via The Huffington Post): "I'm very aware of the fact that female politicians are scrutinized for their look, and if there's a change to the look—or even if there isn't a change to the look—that seems to be what most people are interested in talking about, often, instead of, maybe, the legislation they're trying to put forth."

One female politician who immediately comes to mind? Oh, just someone whose hair, makeup, and fashion choices have been the topic of conversation time and time again.

The Makeup Artist

While we're on the topic of makeup (I mean, we're already here), VEEP hired Clinton's makeup artist. Before you nerd out like I did at the thought of Louis-Dreyfus and Clinton getting made up by the same person, keeping reading: Though Barbara Lacy, Clinton's longtime makeup artist, works on VEEP, she is not Louis-Dreyfus's makeup artist. Yeah, this one's a bit of a stretch, but it stays on the list.

The Email Debacle


When The Hollywood Reporter asked Iannaucci if fans can look forward to VEEP's take on "emailgate," the show's creator said, "We actually did that in Season 1! In the end, she turns over all her emails to the authorities but absolutely floods them so people have to wade through thousands and thousands of pages. So we’ve done that. Next!"

The Pre-Campaign Memoir Release & Book Tour

While Meyer promoted her memoir, Some New Beginnings, she was secretly putting the wheels in motion for her own campaign. Just last year, Clinton released her memoir, Hard Choices.

...What if Hills was working on a secret campaign during her book tour, too?!?!

The Ad From PAC Citizens Against Selina Meyer

Citizens Against Selina Meyer on YouTube

A PAC called Citizens Against Selina Meyer released a smear ad titled “3 a.m.” Said ad, as Mediaite points out, is a play on one of Hillary Clinton’s ads that ran during the 2008 election:

Geekylife on YouTube

Brava, HBO. Brava.

Images: HBO (3); Gerry Images