MTV Movie Awards Drinking Game, Because Awards Shows Are Always Better With Alcohol

Guys, it's about to go down. The 2015 MTV Movie Awards are upon us, and there are a few things we need to figure out before the show on Sunday. For one, who's going to go home with the coveted "Best Kiss" award? And two, how hilarious will producers let host Amy Schumer be? (I mean, there are no limits to her humor, and you do get a bit more wiggle room on cable TV, but the FCC does still have regulations!) Finally, third: How drunk will we all be by the end of it? After all, we all know the most important element of this entire event is alcohol, and, as I'm sure all of us have learned by now, it's not an awards show without a bit of drinking. So, since drinking isn't as fun without a drinking game to do it with, I present to you: Your (kinda) official MTV Movie Awards drinking game.

The MTV Movie Awards are one of the harder awards shows to plan a drinking game for, because you never really know what's going to happen from year to year. And 2015's edition is likely to be even more unpredictable with Schumer at the helm — I mean, you know she's totally going to go off-script and say things that will really get people talking. But hey, bright side: Maybe that actually makes this whole thing a bit easier. After all, why not plan for both the guaranteed and surprise occurrences to ensure peak drunkenness by the end of the show? Sounds like a plan to me!

In case this is your first time at the rodeo — or, you know, at your house in front of the TV — here's a quick rundown: First off, make sure you're 21 years old/of legal drinking age, because I want to make it clear I am not condoning underage drinking. Got it? OK, next up, here are the supplies you need: Alcohol of any kind, a cup/shot glass/old coffee mug to drink it out of, and the will to brave a hangover the Monday after Sunday's ceremony.

Assuming you've got that, you're good to go when the MTV Movie Awards begin on Sunday night at 8 PM. Let's get this party started.

Your (Kinda) Official MTV Movie Awards Drinking Game

  • Every time Amy Schumer says something potentially controversial: Take a shot.
  • Any time a celebrity presenter can't read the teleprompter/flubs their lines: Take a shot.
  • Every time the camera starts panning out and playing loud music in the middle of a winner's speech: Take a shot.
  • If Kate Upton actually wins the "Best Shirtless Performance" award: Take, like, 5 shots because she's the only woman in this category.
  • Every time the camera accidentally pans to a celeb looking super bored/texting on their phone: Take a shot.
  • Any time a winner takes the whole thing way too seriously like they've just won an Oscar or something: Take two shots, because... COME ON.
  • Whenever there's a "surprise appearance" tied into an upcoming movie release: Take a shot.

If you play this game, I can pretty much guarantee you'll be successfully buzzed by the end of the show. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

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