3 Ways Vaginas Were The Real Winners Of The 2015 MTV Movie Awards

You know what body part doesn’t get enough respect? The vagina. It provides joy, pleasure, pain, and life, and still, in popular culture, it’s usually all about the penis. Penises everywhere. Well, folks, that wasn’t the case at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. With Amy Schumer and her raunchy brand of comedy hosting the show, the Movie Awards ceremony was all about the vagina. I mean, in the opening, Schumer says she wants to give "side vag" and not "side boob." From the jokes to the skits to the acceptance speeches, the vajayjay and all included references were out in full force, and I, for one, am very happy about it.

Because hey, the more we say the word “vagina,” the less people will think it’s a weird word to say. People have no problem saying “penis” and telling “dick” jokes, so let’s get on the vagina train, everyone! Vaginas for everyone! If you want them, that is. No pressure. Vagina, vagina, vagina! See, it’s not that scary!

What’s interesting about the treatment of the female body in popular culture is that it’s seen everywhere — female nudity is rampant — but we’re somehow not supposed to talk about it. We talk about male body parts all the time, but how many full frontal male scenes have you seen in recent movies? Not many, that’s for sure. MTV may not be that groundbreaking anymore, but tonight’s festivities were certainly an ode to the vagina. Here’s why lady parts won the evening.

Rebel Wilson Talked About Vagina Shapes & Sizes

Before introducing an exclusive clip for Pitch Perfect 2 , Rebel Wilson apologized for flashing her lady business to the President (that happens in the movie) and explained that she was happy that her undercarriage looked like a neatly “rolled burrito” and not a taco. Way to go, Rebel. Vaginas, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful.

Charli XCX Dropped The “Kitty,” Freeing The Vagina From Her Jumpsuit

Sometimes, you just have to free the kitty, know what I’m talking about, ladies? Charli XCX feels me, because she donned a zebra-striped jumpsuit and gyrated that cat all over the stage. Her kitty is super free, and we are all the better for it.

Amy Schumer Reminded Us How Flexible Vaginas Are

In a pre-recorded skit, Schumer and a few friends go to the movies (specifically Magic Mike XXL and Fifty Shades Of Grey), and they find that all of the women in the theaters have a prop (or three) with them: cucumbers, gourds, a washing machine, you name it. Yes, America: Women do masturbate, and although Schumer’s take is a little overwrought (unless you’re down with doing it in a crowded theater), the sooner people are not shocked by ladies touching themselves, the better. Get down with your bad selves, girls.

Is 2015 the year of the vagina? Schumer and MTV seem to think so, and I’m totally for it.

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