The MTV Movie Awards Are Super Sex-Positive

by Nicole Pomarico

As I'm sure you've seen by now, Amy Schumer hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. During the gig, Schumer threw a lot of outrageous, sex-related jokes into the mix, and honestly, not all of them worked. Amy Schumer's Fifty Shades of Grey skit, though? Now that couldn't have been more perfect — and was reason alone to tune in to the awards on Sunday night.

In case you missed it, allow me to set the stage: As the skit opens, Schumer is at the movies — incognito in a trench coat and sunglasses — when she runs into Nikki Glaser, who is also going incognito. As it turns out, Schumer's going to see Fifty Shades by herself, while Glaser's going to see Magic Mike XXL — and both women are relieved to find out that they each brought their own masturbatory aids (example: Schumer took along a bottomless popcorn bucket that she could easily put her fingers through). As the skit goes on, the masturbation jokes continue — leading to the whole thing turning out to be a refreshing take on the masturbation jokes we usually hear directed at women (especially where movies like Fifty Shades are concerned).

By the end of the skit, all kinds of women leave the theater with their various unconventional tools — phallic-shaped veggies, a washing machine... you know, the regular. It was funny and real at the same time, and it didn't make me want to cringe like Schumer's joke about Latina women and relationships did earlier in the evening. Not only was the whole thing funny, it was amazingly sex-positive as well.

A+, Schumer. More jokes like this one, please?

Image: Giphy