Reese Witherspoon And Sofia Vergara Are The New Thelma & Lousie — Have The Shirts To Prove It

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara presented an award together at the MTV Movie Awards, are going to be on The Ellen Show together on Monday, have likened their new movie to being a " Thelma and Louise -type thing" — and now they even have matching t-shirts. They're pretty much past co-workers and are practically BFFs at this point, and there are few things I love more than two powerhouse ladies who have each other's backs.

The two took things even further by having a grownup version of those two-part "Best Friends" necklaces that you probably had in elementary school. Reese Witherspoon posted a photo of the pair in matching "Thelma" and "Louise" shirts that were gifted to them by country singer and fellow pal Miranda Lambert. Seriously, could this story get more adorable? I mean, what friends haven't compared themselves to a famous duo while hanging out and causing a little trouble? Witherspoon has been killing it when it comes to telling the stories of dynamic women in film this year and being an amazing producer, but lest we forget that she has a mischievous side. I can't even imagine how much fun a girl's night with these two would be.

You can get your own shirt for you and a BFF online from Junk Gypsy. Next step? Movie deal and hangs with Reese and Sofia, obvs.Images: Instagram/@sofiavergara; Twitter/@rwitherspoon