The 10 Most Weed-Friendly Cities For Single People Will Help You Find A Date For 4/20

It's only natural that when you're looking for a future romantic partner, you'd want someone with similar interests to yours — whether that's kinks, beards, or anything else your heart desires. So when it comes to marijuana-enthusiasts, it stands to reason they'd want to find someone they can light up with, which is why dating auction site WhatsYourPrice came up with a list of cities with the most 420-friendly singles. In case you don't have plans for next Monday yet, maybe consider taking a road trip. Bring your bowl, and Tinder, and you're practically destined to find love in no time.

To find out where stoners would be likely to find love, WhatsYourPrice conducted a survey of its users and asked them if they would be willing to date someone who smoked. Of the 90,000 survey respondents, about 57 percent said they'd be OK with it. Considering that 63 percent of Republican millennials and 77 percent of Democratic millennials support legalization of marijuana, it isn't too surprising that most of the people on this dating site didn't mind if their partner smoked pot. I'm actually kind of surprised only 57 percent of respondents said they'd date someone who smoked weed, but I guess feeling that marijuana should be legal does not necessarily mean that you smoke, or want to date someone who does.

To find out which cities were the most weed-friendly, WhatsYourPrice took the responses and analyzed them by city, then they ranked the top 10 cities with the highest percentage of participants who said smoking would not be a deal-breaker. So without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten 420-friendliest cities across the country.


1. Portland

93 percent of Portland residents said they'd be chill with dating a stoner. Nope, not surprised. Not one bit. Portland is also the kinkiest city in America, and I have no idea what these two fact have to do with one another, but clearly they're doing something right over there.

2. New York

Afton Almaraz/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With 90 percent of singles being accepting of a partner who smokes, I guess that's another reason to heart NY.

3. Las Vegas

Where else?

4. Denver


I'm actually pretty surprised Denver isn't higher up on this list, what with marijuana being legal there and all.

5. San Francisco

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

San Francisco also came in at #2 on the kinkiest cities list, so I think it's official that somebody needs to do a study on the link between smoking marijuana and having kinky sex.

6. Seattle


Ah, yes. I was wondering when Seattle would finally make an appearance on the list.

7. Los Angeles


Aside from the weather and the beautiful people and celebrities, now we have another reason to move to California: to find someone to share a blunt with.

8. Miami

You thought I was going to go for a generic beach and palm trees pic, didn't you?

9. Chicago

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64 percent of Chi-town singles would date a stoner, making The Windy City a pretty good place to blow trees. Ha. Haha. Ha.

10. Boston

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Boston rounded out the top 10 with a weed approval rating of 62 percent. Kind of disappointed the ATL didn't make the cut — we have a festival called 420-fest hosted by a local brewery that makes a beer called 420 — but I guess you can't win 'em all. Happy 4/20!

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