Couples Try Sexting For The First Time Ever And It's So Hilariously Awkward — VIDEO

As anyone who has ever attempted it knows, sexting is mega weird, yet still kinda hot and happening with abounding frequency. At least, it happens frequently early on in new relationships, or in long-distance relationships. Or affairs! Or...teens? OK, these are all guesses, but seriously—who is actually sexting? I've only done it with one dude and that was because he lived far away. If I feel hot and bothered now, my current significant other lives less than a mile away, so it's more direct to just say, "Come over." Am I alone in this? Apparently, I have some company in the Not A Frequent Sexter Club: BuzzFeed Yellow asked a handful of already established couples to try sexting for the first time, and it was all pretty endearing, awkward, and yes, a little hot.

It's funny to consider starting from scratch with a new avenue to intimacy like sexting once you're already, ya know, balls-deep into a relationship with someone. You already have your established ways of doing stuff, including sex stuff. I mean, that's doesn't mean you're boring or anything. It's just that you're...probably not doing brand new shit with each other anymore. (Or hey, maybe you are, in which case, go away and enjoy your #RelationshipGoals life.) So when a sext creeps into the general, day-to-day back-and-forth text convo, it can be a curveball for sure. What about when these couples are asked to try sexting in the very same room?

First, the excuses:


My geographical defense in my partner's and my lack of sexting is a fairly common one, as it turns out. But seriously? Why wouldn't you wanna just cash in immediately?

How's it gonna go?


"Would I LOL? Would I not LOL?" one woman honestly asks. When you have great chemistry IRL, how do you know for sure it's gonna translate into steamy verbage?



We all know the eggplant emoji never means vegetables, but can it turn a person on? See how the experiment goes all in all:

Overall verdict? They didn't hate it. You know, I guess it could be a fun way to do foreplay.

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube (4)