Is Bethenny Frankel's Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy Dating Anyone Famous? He's Always Flown Under The Radar

I think we can all agree that Real Housewives of New York City all-star Bethenny Frankel has been going through a tough time as of late. First it was very public divorce, then Bethenny's talk show was cancelled, then her custody battle of baby Bryn got messier than expected, and finally, as we learned during the first episode of Real Housewives of New York Season 7, her ex-husband, Jason hoppy, is living in the apartment she worked so hard to get. As sad as all of that is, and as much as I'm Team Bethenny all the way, it got me thinking: Is Bethenny's ex Jason dating anyone that we might know about? Signs point to "no," but that could just be because he so often flies under the radar.

Jason doesn't have any public social media accounts, and he isn't exactly active in the NYC social scene post-Bethenny. In fact, outside of any news about his custody battle with Bethenny over Bryn and the fact that his lawyers are practically having a field day over Bethenny's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live! according to Us Weekly, there's virtually no Jason Hoppy-related news out there in the world. The most we can glean is that the Daily Mail spotted Jason out and about in NYC with an unidentified blonde lady almost one full year ago, and even that's not evidence of anything. For all we know, he and that woman could be related. Since then, there's not been any news of a new lady in his life, famous or otherwise.

Maybe that's for the best, though. It's hard enough to watch Bethenny deal with how horribly this marriage ended, and seeing Jason move on to someone who's also in the public eye wouldn't be a pleasant experience for Bethenny or her fans. He should just stay under the radar and out of sight right where he is. I like him better that way. #TeamBethenny

Image: realitytvgifs/Tumblr