Sarah Paulson In 'American Horror Story' Season 5 Will Be A "Bad Girl" & Here's What It Could Mean

Every passing day seems to bring new details about American Horror Story's fifth season. We now know that Season 5 of the horror anthology series will be titled American Horror Story: Hotel and that it will star returning cast members Kathy Bates, Chloe Sevigny, and Wes Bentley, as well as pop star Lady Gaga, because, well, why not? Now, a new fan favorite is slated to return to the show — Sarah Paulson will star on American Horror Story: Hotel and her new role sounds incredibly cool. Creator Ryan Murphy tweeted that Paulson would be checking into the mysterious hotel, this time to play "the baddest bad girl of them all." Color me intrigued.

Paulson is one of the few cast members to have participated in all five seasons of the series, and it's exciting that we'll have her back in the mix, especially in a role that sounds wildly different from her other American Horror Story roles. We've seen Paulson play characters whose moral compass tends to point in the direction of good (well, at least most of the time) so to hear that she'll be portraying someone deliciously bad is thrilling. While we still have no idea what the concept of the series is this year — other than that a hotel will be the setting — here are some ideas as to just who this "bad girl" could be.

A Dead Historical Figure

American Horror Story: Murder House had the Black Dahlia, a ghost stuck in the house after dying inside. I wouldn't be surprised if this "bad girl" that Paulson is taking on is actually the ghost of a former bad girl who died inside the hotel — like, say, bank robber Bonnie Parker?

An Infamous Murderess

It seems like everyone is guilty of murder at some point on American Horror Story, but some characters are more adept at it than others. Paulson could play a murderess seeking shelter in the hotel from the police who are hunting her down.

An Iconic Movie Star

Bad doesn't necessarily have to mean evil. Perhaps this "bad girl" moniker is something given to Paulson's character by the press. She could play a former movie star with a hard partying streak who succumbed to her demons and died in the hotel and is doomed to haunt it forever.

Fiona Goode

It's a stretch, but Murphy has claimed that all the American Horror Story seasons are connected in some way. Paulson played Fiona's daughter on American Horror Story: Coven — could she play a younger version of bad girl FiFi in the new season?

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