Justin Bieber's Instagram Video Makes Us Want To Never Use Instagram Video

It's official: Instagram video enabled Justin Bieber to inanely waste 15 seconds of my life today. Now I'll spread the love and waste 15 second of yours.

So yeah. What the hell? Firstly, who is he talking to? Secondly, he honestly should've started again, or better yet, not made this video at all. Because it's pointless and it sucked. J. Biebs in a backwards cap shirtless? I just lost about 4,000 brain cells.

The video just made me think back wistfully to Maisie Williams' amazing Vine or even Taylor's Swift's first-ever Vine. Ah, the good old days. (Never mind that Swift's Vine was released earlier today). So thanks Biebs, for letting us know there is video on Instagram. Now we're never ever going to use it.