'The Flash' Spoilers From WonderCon's Preview Show A Major Kiss, Big Wells Reveals, & Much More

After what has felt like two very long weeks without a new episode,The Flash finally returns to The CW on Tuesday night. Thankfully, this last stretch of episodes will air uninterrupted for the next six weeks. Wait, did I say thankfully? I take that back, knowing that The Flash is almost done with its freshman season is already too sad for me to handle. These last six episodes look completely insane, though, and thanks to one of The Flash 's newest trailers, we've got a ton of spoilers to help us prepare.

The Flash had a panel at WonderCon LA a few weeks ago and brought along a brand new extended trailer. It reveals a TON of things that'll happen in these next six episodes, but the two-minute trailer will leave you with a million questions too. There are so many snippets of things that many fans expected to happen this season, and so many more that we didn't predict at all. For starters, there's a lip-lock between two people from S.T.A.R. Labs that we were rooting for this whole time — but is it for real?

This is your last chance to turn back before you enter into a spoiler zone. Check out The Flash trailer for yourself, and then I'll break it down, spoiler by spoiler.

Wells Ends Up In His Own Prison

If you need a quick refresher, Harrison Wells is not in fact Harrison Wells. Instead, he's Eobard Thawne — who murdered Wells, and then assumed his likeness. We knew that eventually Barry would crack this mystery, but HOW will he manage to get wells into the metahuman prison underneath S.T.A.R. Labs?

Eddie's Got A Gun

And he's shooting people. That's right, Eddie means business and puts bullets in two cops. Say it isn't so, Eddie! Before we're quick to start thinking up even more crazy Eddie/Eobard Thawne twists, there might be a rational explanation for this. In an upcoming episode, "Who is Harrison Wells?" there's a metahuman who can "transform himself into every person he touches." So it might not actually be Eddie who appears to have turned to the dark side.

The Gang Discovers Wells' Secret Lair

How do you just accidentally stumble upon Wells' secret lair? Something must have gone very wrong at S.T.A.R. Labs, and it looks like Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco come face to face with Gideon for the first time (also, Cisco is the only one who looks mildly excited about this whole thing). Barry, on the other hand, is royally freaked out — as he should be. Is this the beginning of the end for the man they know as Wells? Where is Wells when this happens? Could he have led them right into a trap?

Oliver & Ronnie Drop In

When Ronnie left to go figure out his Firestorm troubles, we knew we hadn't seen the last of him. Turns out he's back, and so is Oliver Queen! But what kind of threat brings these three guys together in the first place?


Be still, our SnowBarry 'shipping hearts. Do our eyes deceive us? Are Barry and Caitlin really kissing? I mean, the proof is in the picture, right? You've now probably got a million questions as to how and why this whole thing came about, but it's happening. From watching the promo, it also appears that Barry is the one that instigates this.

Images: Cate Cameron/CW; The CW (5)