Who Is Drake Singing About In "My Side"?

Those of us who go to bed early on a weekday awoke on Tuesday to a surprise that was just like Christmas morning. You see, Drake released a bonus song "My Side," which is one of the songs that will be on the B-side of the physical release of his mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late. It tells Drake's perspective on a relationship that is being defeated by its own lack of clarification, in which he feels more invested in it than the woman involved. However, the question thus becomes: who is Drake's "My Side" about? The rapper has been single since his last confirmed relationship with pop singer Rihanna, so it's obvious he's not singing about anyone current. Or is he?

The thing about celebrities is, despite how much access we think we have to their lives, there's still a lot that happens that flies under our radar because they manage to keep it private — even in the iPhone generation. Although Drake hasn't been publicly tied to anyone in any real way since Rihanna, that doesn't necessarily mean he might not have a secret girlfriend that we just don't know about. Nevertheless, who are the most likely candidates to be the subject of Drake's "My Side?" I'll try and speculate.


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All right, so this one is obvious. Any time that Drake writes a love song, it's almost a given that someone is going to assume that it's about Rihanna. But who could blame us? Drake and Rihanna made for a great couple, and there were rumors that they broke up because he was more invested in the relationship than she was. Could Drake finally be telling his side?

Nicki Minaj

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Minaj might have a boyfriend right now, but Drake's huge crush on Nicki Minaj is a well-documented fact. Could "My Side" be what he envisions any relationship between them would be like? I mean, Drake is already more invested in the possibility of a romance between them than Minaj is. However, "My Side" could be a more realistic look at that. After all, why would they "waste [their] relationship on a relationship?"

Cassie Ventura


Remember that time that P. Diddy punched Drake in the face? Although we never found out for sure what happened, initial reports claimed that the fight was started because Drake was hitting on P. Diddy's girlfriend, Cassie. Although later reports claimed otherwise, that doesn't mean that Drake can't write a song about her.

Karrueche Tran

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When Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown broke up, there was a media storm because Brown claimed Tran had cheated on him with Drake. Brown later apologized and claimed the words were a product of his anger — not to mention a denial that came from Tran herself — but, much like with Cassie above, that wouldn't necessarily stop Drake from writing a song about her.

Someone New

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Considering the fact that we don't follow Drake around 24/7 with a video camera (though some paparazzi do try), there could be a woman in his life that we know absolutely nothing about. It could have been one of the girls he's been rumored to be connected to, it could be one of the girls he parties with, or it could be someone from Toronto that he doesn't get to see that often. Either way, this is a mystery that will probably never be solved.

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