Where Has Tom Hiddleston Been Lately?

The past few months have been sorely lacking in Tom Hiddleston — sadly, the actor missed every major American awards show this year. While it's true he didn't have anything nominated this year, I was surprised he never showed up to support Benedict Cumberbatch. And I was holding out hope he'd pull a Loki stunt at the MTV Movie Awards, but, alas, he was a no-show. So where has Tom Hiddleston been lately?

But don't be too mad at him for skipping the awards circuit — he's not out partying with Hollywood's elite, that's for sure. Hiddleston's lengthy absence from the public eye is actually all for a good cause: he's filming one of his upcoming projects. Hiddleston has been a very dedicated actor this past year. He wrapped several films and signed onto multiple other ones. He even has a television miniseries in the works, and right now that's what's taking up all his attention.

The Night Manager , also starring Hugh Laurie, is in the middle of filming on location in Devon, England. Fan photos of the actor have surfaced showing him walking around the set in a stylish leather jacket and signing autographs for some small children. (Because Hiddles + kids is a perfect combination.)

It's frustrating to see the entire cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron appear at awards shows and on late night talk shows together without Hiddleston. But as a fan, I totally understand that he needs to be on set. It's going to be a long wait to see The Night Manager in 2016, but I appreciate Hiddleston's dedication to the series and I can't wait to see it when it finally comes out. And in the meantime, at least we have observant Hiddlestoners documenting the filming process.

Imagine if we had no social media. We'd just never know what Hiddleston was up to. I'll take the knowledge that he's filming over knowing nothing any day. And hey, since his 2015 is filled with three movie releases (High-Rise, I Saw the Light, and Crimson Peak), we're pretty much guaranteed Hiddles appearances during the awards circuit next time. That man deserves an Oscar, and I have a feeling this will be his year.

It's always a waiting game when you love a busy actor, especially one so dedicated to his career over public appearances. But I know the payoff will be worth it, so hang in there Hiddlestoners.