Jeffrey Tambor Stands Up For Bruce Jenner

Ever since the rumors began about Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Bruce Jenner's allegedly being transgender, many peope have offered up their opinions. While some are supportive of Jenner's possible transition, others have been judgmental. One particular celebrity who is standing up for Jenner is Transparent star Jeffery Tambor. While chatting with reporters before the Point Foundation's Point Honors Gala on Monday, Jeffrey Tambor supported Bruce Jenner and his words are both inspiring, powerful, and something everyone needs to hear.

For those unaware, Tambor plays a transgender woman on the Amazon series Transparent. He even took home a Golden Globe for his performance earlier this year. During his acceptance speech, Tambor spoke to the transgender community and said, “Thank you for your courage, thank you for your inspiration, thank you for your patience, and thank you for letting us be a part of the change.” So, the fact that Tambor is standing up for Jenner, who may or may not be planning to come out as transgender, is no surprise.

"I think Jenner has a right to do what Jenner wants to do, and the way Jenner wants to do it," Tambor said. "I don’t think we should say, 'Oh, you have to come out this way, or you have to come out this way.' It's not fair. I wish Jenner happiness and an authentic life. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — that’s in the Constitution, damnit!"

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Tambor didn't stop there and said he thinks Jenner's alleged transition is shining a light on an important topic that too many people ignore. He said,

I think it's great! I think the more light and education there is about all of this is important. But I think people go, "Oh, I hope Jenner does it right." You know, Jenner can do it the way Jenner wants to do it. If he wants to do it making a documentary, then do it.

Thanks to shows like Orange Is the New Black, which features transgender actress Laverne Cox, and Tambor's show Transparent, the entertainment world is opening up a discussion about being transgender that has been ignored for far too long. Like Tambor said, Jenner's rumored transition is a good thing for those who don't know much about the transgender community. Whether he ends up coming out or not, the conversation has been started and it's an important one.

Hopefully, Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer will also open up the discussion even more. Again, official details surrounding Jenner and Sawyer's 20/20 chat have yet to be released, but if they do discuss Jenner's alleged transition, then it will surely be an inspiring two hours that will no doubt educate individuals about the transgender community — an important topic that everyone should be aware of.

Editors Note: Until/unless Jenner has personally confirmed the transgender rumors and the intention to begin presenting as a woman, Bustle will continue to refer to the track star as a man and father, using male pronouns. Jenner deserves the courtesy of being able to “tell his story his way” when ready, as step-daughter Kim said, and Bustle will only make those changes if/when Jenner confirms.

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