Coco Rocha's Nursery For Daughter Ioni Is FAB

If you haven't already heard about supermodel Coco Rocha's newborn daugher, Ioni Conran, then clearly you haven't been on Instagram. Two-week old Ioni already has over 26,000 followers on the social media site. Yes. 26. Thousand. She's had an account essentially since the moment she was born which, yeah, is a little strange, but hey — she's a fashion baby. It makes sense (sort of) for her to have a stylish social media presence. Another stylish thing about Coco Rocha's daughter? Her perfectly designed nursery, which was featured on Vogue's website recently. Simply put: It is SO cool.

And this isn't a frilly, unicorns-and-flowers everywhere baby's nursery, either. It's a room that you would want to call your own. Minus the crib. That'd be awkward. There's incredible art covering the walls, uniquely designed pieces of furniture everywhere... what more could you want? Even though it's a baby nursery, I kind of want to own everything in it and put it all in my own room. And you probably will too. Here are 7 items in Ioni Cochran's nursery that even grown-ups would totally want to decorate with, because taking design tips from someone with 26,000 followers on Instagram is never a bad idea. Even if they happen to be an infant. Just go with it.

1. Basically ALL The Art On The Gallery Wall

I mean, could it all be any cooler? No.

2. That Twiggy Print

A must-have for any fashion lover.

3. A GIANT Stuffed Giraffe...Or Panda

I mean, obviously I need this in my life.

4. That SUPER Cozy Looking Rug

How soft does that look?

5. The Most Amazing Chair Ever

But, really, where does one find this char? Because I want it. I need it.

6. Oh, AND The Ottoman

Yes, I think we all needed to check it out again.

7. All The Pillows

Ever. Single. One.