Is 'The Royals' Tom Austen Single?

I, like countless others, love a good television scandal and The Royals certainly does not skimp on the DRAMA. In between Prince Liam being in love with a ~commoner~ and the bizarre story of Princess Eleanor and her bodyguard, this show has all the goods to be a very guilty pleasure. One character who really catches my eye is the handsome and mysterious Jasper, played by super babe Tom Austen. So, of course my next query is: Is Tom Austen single?

First off, there really is not a lot of information on Austen out there, as he is a relative newcomer, at least to American screens. His character on The Royals, though, is already causing some people to question their attraction to this handsome Brit, since Jasper is involved in a very questionable and somewhat disturbing storyline in the show. Oh, you know, just drugging Princess Eleanor and claiming to film them having sex in order to blackmail her. I want to believe that this storyline will work itself in some way that isn't totally vile, but that's for another day. Right now, I will focus on the actor behind Jasper, Tom Austen, who seems totally adorable and sweet in real life.

So the Internet sleuthing begins! I found Austen's Twitter and Instagram accounts and scrolled way back through his Twitter to its inception in 2013, and he has not really every posted ANYTHING that would hint at a relationship status. Most of his posts since last summer have been about The Royals filming and hanging with his cast mates. It's safe to say they are all very close.

Well, I don't know about who he is dating, but Austen has a lot of cozy photos on his Instagram. His most recent photo from April 13 seems to be taken at a tropical location with a girl tagged, Natasha Loring. I went to her Instagram, and she is also an actress who was his co-star on the television show, Beaver Falls. All I can tell from this is that Austen went on a vacation in Mexico with an old friend/co-star, and that ccouldan mean all sorts of things. Plus, he apparently took her to see Beyoncé for her birthday once, so... I don't know!

One thing is for sure, as much as fans wish, Jasper is not dating Princess Eleanor in real life. We all know the appeal of characters with great on-screen chemistry taking their relationship further, but it appears actress Alexandra Park has a boyfriend who isn't her bodyguard. Park seems to be dating a hunky man named Luke Cheadle, so there go the dreams of the co-stars being together. Austen posts a lot of photos of himself hanging out with Park, and it seems as if they are truly really good friends off-screen.

As far as I can tell, Tom Austen is probably single at the moment. But with a face like that and the fact that The Royals got renewed for Season 2, I don't think he will have any problems in the love department in the near future.

Images: Getty Images