What If Kylie Jenner Was On 'Pretty Little Liars'?

In what would have been one of the most awesome guest roles ever, Kylie Jenner was almost on Pretty Little Liars. On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner revealed that she had a special project lined up for her youngest child: guest-starring on the ABC Family show. Unfortunately Kylie and her Momager weren't getting along at the moment, and Kylie wasn't in the mood to talk about work. So, it never ended up happening — but honestly, it would have been super cool if it had.

Kylie would have fit right into Rosewood — after all, she's the right age and totally knows what it's like to have her every move documented (I mean, A is really just Rosewood's version of the paparazzi). Plus, it would have made her older sis Kendall super jealous, because she loves PLL.

But just because Kylie's PLL role never ended up happening, doesn't mean we can't imagine what it would have been like. Whether she would have been an A-team member, or a friend to the girls, Kylie Jenner's presence on Pretty Little Liars would have been interesting — and here's how I figure it would have gone down.

She Wouldn't Be Bothered By A Watching Her Every Move

Between KUWTK and the paparazzi, Kylie's used to being recorded every waking moment and having no control over how that content gets edited or viewed. It doesn't mean she would welcome A's observation, but I don't think it would upset her as much as the other girls.

She Would Have Been Instant Friends With Aria Montgomery

The two ladies have a really similar style, and I'm sure if A chilled out long enough to let the gals breathe, Kylie and Aria would go shopping together. Or, maybe they would have just swapped closets for a day or two! Also, maybe with Kylie's influence, Aria would have put those pink highlights back in her hair. Gotta love a splash of color!

She Would Have Loved the "No Parents" Thing

Where are the parents in Rosewood? No one really knows for sure. Despite all the crazy murders that have gone on in the town, all the adults seem totally chill with their kids wandering around unsupervised. That said, I'm sure Kylie would relish the chance to get away from her parents for a little while.

She'd Be Unbothered By A's Rumors

After years of dealing with the paparazzi, Kylie could totally handle A. The Liars spend all their time trying to keep A from revealing their secrets — but since Kylie's used to having hers exposed, A wouldn't have any leverage on her. She'd also probably be mildly annoyed at the girls for complaining that A spilled their secrets to, like, their parents or the Rosewood newspaper. You don't know scandal until your life has been splashed across tabloids all over the world like Kylie's has.

She Could Totally Rock the A-Team Hoodie

How great would it be if one of A's minions was none other than Kylie Jenner in the signature black sweatshirt?

She and Hanna Would Bond Over the Important Things

Hanna has also been known to dispense wisdom like this.

She'd Be Able to Take Care of Herself

Watch out, Kylie Jenner's here.

Since Pretty Little Liars has yet to end, fans can always hope Jenner gets a chance to stop by the set again soon. It would be too awesome an experience to pass up twice.

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