There Could Be A Big Flaw In Zelena's 'OUAT' Plan

Once Upon a Time always loves to throw a good twist at its viewers and last Sunday night's episode delivered that in droves when it was revealed that Zelena is alive and has been impersonating Maid Marian this entire time. (So to those of you clever few who suspected as much, well done!) However, now that we're caught up to speed on Zelena's wicked plan — you know, the one where she too wants the author to write her a happy ending — I can't help but notice a rather major flaw in this devious agenda. (Well, besides the possibility of a major ink supply shortage.) You see, I'm not entirely convinced that Zelena would actually kill Robin Hood if Regina refuses to give into her evil ways and help turn Emma dark.

I mean, I know she's a Wicked Witch and everything, so killing is usually not a problem for her. But let's not forget just how handsome and charming her potential target is. She may have only been pretending to be Marian, but she has still been spending her days in the arms of Storybrooke's dreamiest thief. I guess what I'm trying to say here is, who could ever want to kill this man?

Case in point right there, folks. There's simply no way Zelena isn't falling in love with Robin for real. (This guy can make any woman swoon — hero or villain.) In fact, remaining with him may even be what Zelena wants to get out of her happy ending. So while she and Rumple may think they have the upper hand (for now), when push comes to shove I highly doubt Zelena would be able to follow through on harming Robin, regardless of whether or not Regina cowers to their demands. I think her feelings for him are too genuine at this point to not warrant any form of hesitation.

Of course, that's not to say that Robin's life is completely safe. Love may serve as his saving grace for now, but if he were to discover her true identity and reject her, things could take a rather different turn. (If there's one thing villains don't take kindly to, it's rejection.) Maybe not to the extent of killing him, per se. But perhaps locking him away somewhere like she did with Rumple. Speaking of which… Rumple would certainly have no qualms doing away with Robin himself if need be, given how invested he now is in this evil endeavor.

But as things stand, I think Regina is the one sitting in the driver's seat. (The question is, is she aware of it?) Wicked may always win, according to Zelena, but when Robin of Locksley steals your heart, that yellow brick road of evil vendettas can become a much harder path to follow.

Images: Eike Schroter/ABC; storybrooke-lies-on-a-hellmouth, rumplebook, fuckyesonceuponatime/Tumblr