Max Is Disappointing Everyone On 'Finding Carter'

I didn't agree with Taylor deciding to end Maxlor — the most adorable 'ship of all time — because of Crash, but her decision is starting to grow on me now. During last Tuesday's Finding Carter , Crash returned to wreak havoc on everyone's lives and every fan had a "WTF?!?!?" moment when Max actually started making an effort to forgive him. I mean, Crash shot Max for crying out loud — I understand that it's cathartic for Max to not hold onto that anger, but that doesn't mean I'm OK with it. And it's only getting worse because, at the end of this week's episode, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Crash and Max decided to become BFFs. Please tell me I'm not the only person ripping my hair out here. PLEASE.

Again, I understand Max wanting to let go — it has to be hard carrying those feelings around while you're recovering from a near-death experience. But that doesn't mean they have to hang out and it DEFINITELY doesn't mean that Max should be trusting Crash to fix his truck. Sure, it's a step in the right direction for Crash to try to make amends, but forcing himself on everyone and begging for forgiveness is the absolute worst. Someone needs to shake Max and really remind him exactly how things went down last season.

Max is a sweet guy with a good heart but some things are just unforgivable or, at the very least, definitely not conducive to deciding to spend hours side-by-side with the person who literally almost killed you. My heart's just as broken as Max's that Taylor refused to get back together on Tuesday night and his wanting to get out of town to give Taylor space is understandable. But to rely on Crash for a place to stay and a way to make enough money to ditch the Wilsons'? That just seems totally wrong. And I'm not just saying that because Crash MADE A JOKE about almost killing Max at the end of Tuesday's episode. This guy isn't a friend, he's an assailant. I expect better from you, Max. So much better.

Images: screengrab/MTV; findingcarter/Tumblr